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A GROUP is a leading manufacturer of FRP products and cutting machines in the USA. We specialize in producing high-quality FRP products that are durable, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Our cutting machines are designed to provide precise and efficient cutting of FRP materials, ensuring accurate and clean cuts every time.

Our FRP products are manufactured using advanced techniques and top-grade materials to ensure superior quality and performance. We offer a wide range of FRP products, including tanks, pipes, panels, gratings, and custom-made products tailored to meet specific customer requirements. These products are widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace, marine, and chemical processing, among others.

The laser and water jet cutting machine is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that combines the precision of laser technology with the power of water jet cutting. This versatile machine is designed to cut through a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and even stone. With its advanced capabilities, it is suitable for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Our Pani Puri Kit is the perfect solution for those craving the authentic taste of this popular Indian street food in the comfort of their own homes. Each kit comes complete with crispy puris, tangy tamarind chutney, spicy mint water, and a flavorful filling made from a blend of potatoes, chickpeas, and spices. The ingredients are carefully sourced and expertly packaged to ensure freshness and quality.

We produce CNC water jet cutting machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, abrasive water jet machines, CNC laser cutting machines, and water jet pumps etc. which can be used for the accurate cutting of many kinds of materials like aerospace, architectural, or artwork, automotive, electronics, elevator, food processing equipment, gasket, glass, medical/surgical instruments. We enable companies to eliminate their secondary finishing cost by providing them with our innovative technological machinery.

As a trusted manufacturer, we are committed to delivering excellence in both product quality and customer service. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions that exceed their expectations. From design and production to installation and maintenance, our team is dedicated to ensuring the success of every project. Choose our company for all your FRP product and cutting machine needs, and experience the difference between working with a reliable and innovative manufacturer.

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We, “A GROUP” of companies, have pioneered in diversified field of Ceramics, Paints and Lime, Abrasive Cutting tools, Waterjet & Laserjet cutting machines.


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AERON, head quartered at Ahmedabad, have excellent state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread ....

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