Smartfeed - Auto Abrasive Delivery System

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Smartfeed - Auto Abrasive Delivery System Details

Smart feed Auto-Abrasive Delivery System is used to control the consumption of abrasive, which is the main source of cutting cost. The optimal feeding quantity of abrasive helps to ensure successful cutting of a water jet cutter. This equipment is easy to operate and has high cost performance. It can support 24-hour continuous working with two independent cutting heads. Smartfeed Auto-Abrasive Delivery System is able to supply extremely accurate abrasive quantity to ensure efficient cutting of a water jet cutting machine. The system also helps to solve the troubles of abrasive blockage as the computer is accurate in coordinating with the discharging time of abrasive.

  • It has the capability of storing abrasive and delivers the abrasive to the abrasive hopper on machine, automatically. The design shows our continuous effort to improve efficiency and reduce labor requirement.
  • High sensitive sensor which monitors the available abrasive; gives visual indication to the operator when the storage tank is to be refilled
  • With 200 liters abrasive storage capacity, the abrasive can be directly feed-in to the abrasive hopper for continuous operation of 300 to 900 minutes (10 to 15 hours). [Higher capacity are available please request for a quote]

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